ALFAcoins: Announces Its New Version Of Website For Integration Of Crypto-Payments Into Online Business

In today’s Era Business is unpredictable without latest Information Technologies, without a rapid and continous technological evolution. That’s the main reason ALFAcoins launches the official new version of
One of the main reason for creating the new version of the website was to make it more innovative, informative, attractive and convenient. Thanks to the amazing new design, on site navigation has been simplified and the completely reworked website structure is now lot more friendly and simplified which considerably takes less time compare to previous one.
ALFAcoins customers payment integration has always been free.
As a result of innovative design, the website has been virtually revamped and acquired with all new features.
– Added new cryptocurrencies.
– Added a BitSend feature allowing cryptocurrency payments to customers in fiat equivalents.
– Added a CoinSplit feature that allows users to receive parts of payments in cryptocurrencies.
– The personal account area has been improved for better management of multiple currency account
– New designed and improved UI.
– Completely reworked site structure.
– Possibility to select the account currency
– an account can be in USD or EUR.
According to Denis Hertz the official representative of the company, the key goals of the ALFAcoins project are quality, relaibility and informative.
About the company. Founded in 2013, ALFAcoins is a modern, multi functional and highly secure crypto-payment processing service. Over years, the company has gained a reputation of a reliable partner between sellers and buyers by enabling the support of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, thus making online payments accessible and transparent for all parties involved.
ALFAcoins will be your personal partner in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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