BrandBerry Marcom Ties Up with IP for Startup

BrandBerry Marcom Ties Up with IP for Startup to Create Awareness Amongst Clients on Safegaurd of Intellectual Property.

Noida, India – 3rd June, 2016 – BrandBerry Marcom, Delhi-NCR-based marcom agency has partnered with IP for Startup, a dynamic, global online firm focused on providing a complete Intellectual Property & Commercial Law Legal service portfolio to facilitate awareness amongst their clients on the domain of safeguard of intellectual property. “As the top logo designing agencies of Delhi-NCR, we are doing brand identities day in and out – but what is amiss is safeguarding these thoughtfully crafted identities from getting copied and distributed without permission over the World Wide Web. The Indian market at large is highly ignorant about intellectual property and the associated rights. As a part of our alliance with IP for Startup, we are looking to actively engage masses and create awareness in IT hubs like Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, with Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore to follow as a part of the next step.”, noted the company’s Managing Director Aayushi Jain.

BrandBerry Marom along with IP for Startup will reach out to approximately 100+ startup brands in the coming months. The target customer base will fall in the age group of 18-40 years, spread across Tier 1 and 2 cities in India. This alliance will also allow IP for Startup to strengthen their customer base.

During May 2016, BrandBerry Marcom signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IP for Startup, a first-of-its-kind partnership between a marcom agency and legal advisory firm for the sake of its clientele, to create a safe branding ecosystem where hundreds of brands would be able to manage and protect their logo and other intellectual properties.

“As IP rights are gradually becoming an important part of branding and marketing communications, we are investing to build strategic alliances in the digital world to deliver experiences that are simple, and are truly cross-channel.”, said Nischal Arvind, Director to IP for Startup.

Official Address:

BrandBerry Marcom Pvt. Ltd.

Tel: +91 9654591813/ 0120 – 4357774

C-26, Sector-65, Noida – 201301.


Do’s and Don’ts for launching your E-Commerce site

This is the era of internet, where everything happens on the internet. Peoples are busy on the internet and with the latest technologies. Now a days trend of E-Commerce websites are going viral. Everything that we use to buy from local shops is available online from household products to clothing and even bigger electronics items and heavy wooden products like sofa set, beds etc. You can buy anything from these websites.

Are you planning for launching your own E-Commerce website? You want to take your business online? Traditional way of business is losing its identity due to this fast moving world. If you are looking for join hands with the changing technology then you must follow the proper structure of online business. Creating your own website on any platform is not an easy job for any starter, it requires diligence, patience, vigilance and willingness to learn and do something new. In this article we will try to explain Do’s and Don’ts when you start your own e-commerce business site.

Here we go with the important Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind while launching your E-Commerce  website:

Firstly we will discuss Do’s for taking your business online

  • Do have a proper business idea:

So whenever you plan to launch your e-commerce website always make a proper business plan first. If you don’t do so, then the things may go wrong and you will not get the results that you are expecting. To make your dream come true make sure you work hard with dedication and put your 100% effort to make it successful. Make sure that you keep a deep eye on the product by showing samples, check for latest trends and ongoing demands and do a proper survey of the products.

  • Do lend your ears to the customer:

Always listen what your customer says as we know that “Customer’s voice is the voice of god“. When you take your business online you will find different kind of audience, so different peoples have different opinions. It’s become very important to reply back to your customer quickly and then analyze their feedback, this will surely enhance your business. Above all, this response builds trust, comfort, and loyalty.

  • Do plan a solid platform prior to launch:

Make a list of the things to do before you are all set to launch your E-commerce website. Because once you launch your website then it become difficult to change the things in detail. Check all the technical issues, web-hosting, usability, product analysis, target audience etc.

  • Do put an effort to build a good site:

These days every 2nd or 3rd person is involved in online business so if you want to stand out of the crowd, then firstly think of something innovative and bring some new idea. Put in all your efforts to make it successful. Always try to make a good and content rich website that attracts your customers.

  • Do keep an eye to managing the e- mail list:
When you are all done with your website management then  manage your emails. This will help you to bring traffic on your website. Always respond to the emails that you get in a day, it is the most important part.

Lets discuss  some Don’ts for for launching an E-commerce website:

  • Don’t quit too quick:

Whenever something is launched online it takes time get positive response from the audience, so always keep a note of one thing, don’t get frustrated if you don’t get expected results in the beginning. This doesn’t mean sit quietly and have looked at your website no, not at all, you have to put your efforts and hard work to make your website run successful.

  • Don’t have a misconception that people will recognize your site:

It should be clear to you that you can’t become a millionaire in a day. No one is going to recognize your website in one day. You have to put your efforts and invest a good time in doing  promotions of your website. You should work with a PR company who can help you in marketing your website to bring traffic to your website then you will have reputation on the internet.

  • Don’t depend on the inaccurate statistic:

As we know most of the business are season same in the case of E-Commerce. It is also seasonal and slow. So always keep the appropriate unit to calculate the success. Making a wrong assumption is not a healthy habit for a business.

  • Don’t experiment:

Don’t keep in mind that you can sell anything on your website. E.g. if you are expert in selling cloths, then only focus on it much, then making your own raw material. Use the best available technology than wasting your precious time in building your own.

  • Don’t get into everything solely, as it wastes time:

If you want to win the hearts of peoples, then it is necessary that you fulfill your commitments in the given period of time and only have a focus on serving quality products.
I hope these Do’s and Don’ts will help every E-commerce starter and even who already have their business online. Please follow our blog and share this article in your circle and on social media


Designer Mom’s called mompreneurs

The Story behind three Designer Mom’s to mompreneurs

Taking time out of their busy schedule to help make the interior of your home, vacation home or office into a place where one can work, relax and enjoy is the aim of these three mompreneurs(designer mom). Ami Mehta, Shefali Surve and Purvi Shah, came up with the idea of a design studio to help transform your home into a place where you can feel comfortable. These full-time mothers, came up with the idea of Onyx Design Studios, over a cup of coffee, when they realised that the key to a good and happy home is the interior design.

They provide interior design services for discerning, quality conscious clients, overlooking their project from conceptualization through to implementation based on their client’s tastes and budget. Onyx Design Studio started out small in 2013, and has eventually grown to become one of the largest interior design firms in Mumbai. They now have a team of two creative space designers, three site executers and a large team of contractors.

Ami is a mother and an interior designer by profession and Purvi is a mother of two and has decades of experience working in interior design firms. Ami has also worked in many NGOs and Social Projects like “Spreading Smile”. Their combined experience is what helped Onyx Design Studio grow in to the company it is today. Today, they not only provide interior design solutions, but also help you build your kitchen, take care of your lighting and spacing and make patterns and effects to help light up your home. They also help you pick out your furniture and accessories for your home to best fit your style and budget.

Onyx has reported a total revenue of Rs. 85 Lakh. The way these moms have, against all odds, made this company possible and grown it from base up is very inspirational. They are the perfect role model for other moms who wish to start something new. The next step for Onyx is to have their own studio where they can display projects that they have made and create designs that their customers can choose from.Some images of onyx projects are as follows:

designer mom


Tea Seller to CA to Brand ambassador of Education

Story of a Tea Seller Who Cracked CA Exam now Brand ambassador  to Inspire the world

Somnath Giram tea shop(Tea seller) in Maharashtra has achieved a breakthrough .The tea-seller named Somnath Giram has become a Chartered Accountant and proved that nothing is impossible in this world to achieve. He passed to CA and has now become the brand ambassador of state education .


Somnath ‘s father, a small farmer in Krmala . Somnath CA used to sell tea to raise money for education . Giram told : “The whole day selling tea since I used to study 6-7 hours . “With not a single penny in his hand, Somnath Giram came to Pune, set up a tea stall, and now has become a Chartered Accountant

“Nowadays, there are acche din (good days) for chaiwallas (tea sellers). Those who sold tea became Prime Minister and now Somnath became CA while serving tea,” state Education Minister Vinod Tawde said at the convocation ceremony of city-based Design and Animation College. “And to inspire students like him, I announce him as the brand ambassador for ‘earn and learn’ scheme of the state (government),” the minister added. Reacting to the development.


Giram said, “I have received the news through media and I am very happy that the state government has announced me as the brand ambassador for ‘earn and learn scheme’. “I will work towards the welfare of poor students who determined,” he added.

This Quote by Harivansh Rai ‘Bachchan’ really fits to Somnath Giram Story..

“लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।”

The Story Of another Tea Seller is inspiring the whole world.

Story Behind Soldier’s Village

Story about a Village where Every Family gives birth a soldier to the Nation.

Located along the banks of the river Ganga in the Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh is Gahmar, famously known as ‘Soldiers’ Village’. Gahmar has a unique tradition of producing hundreds of soldiers who have served the Indian Armed Forces with distinction. Every household in this village with a population of about 75,000 boasts of at least three or more soldiers! The inhabitants of Gahmar include more than 10,000 military personnel serving in all the three branches of the Armed Forces. There are about 5,000 military veterans in the village.

Interestingly, the village has not lost even a single soldier in the various battles after Independence including the Kargil War. Villagers believe Goddess Kamakhya whose temple is situated in the village protects the soldiers.

Story Behind

A Journey to help Shoppers with great deals over 1k+ Merchants.

Two Brothers got bored of summer vacation at home and they planned to do something exciting and challenging and here on it emerges the in 2014.

1. The Business :

Ecommerce a world of great online shopping experince which comes as on long journey till now . Many major companies have come a long way like amazon mobile, flipkart , paytm etc.

The Online Retail stores have much competitive environment over the decades which tends to offer discounts , sales,Coupons etc to attract customers and bind them .

IndiaDesire is a great place for those who love shopping over internet. It can be recharging mobile etc, booking tickets & hotels or ordering foods.

It can be anything which A shopper loves to do over Internet. So Here comes IndiaDesire in scenario, It provides shoppers all offers and cracking deal at single place with great discounts at merchant site.

IndiaDesire not only provides deals and offers as well as It helps first time shoppers as well so conviniently by providing a proper explanation for each offer

Shoppers can subscribe to Email, Mobile, & Browser Notification. So Even Shopper’s are not around us We care for them , In case Any Limited time or great Deal coming through

we will notify our subscriber at once so they can claim as soon as and avail benefits.


IndiaDesire Product Image 1

2. Founding Members:

Two Brothers i.e. Singh Brothers started this out in 2014.

Amit Singh (Founder) : Computer Science Graduate from ITM Gorakhpur, UPTU University.Founded India Desire in 2014 just after completion of his graduation. Worked 1.5 years in MNC as Software Engineer. He is fond of coding,debugging programs & Internet World. The hobbies of him are internet surfing, Listening music etc.

Ashwani Singh(Co-Founder): Graduation in ECE from KIET Ghaziabad, UPTU University. He has sound knowledge in E-Commerce and Affiliate Programs.

3.Inspiration Moment:

It was the moment when one of mobile was launched. The Day Our server got down due to heavy traffic at out Portal.we got more than 1 million visitors hits and 3 million+ Page views only in just 3 days.We got advertising revenue of $10000 from Google.

4. Hookup Point:

We have targeted our shoppers such that If they visit us once they Love to visit again and again. By giving them a proper navigation and explanation to them such that there shopping experience goes hassle free and safe.

IndiaDesire Product Image 2


Aah !! This is great to reveal that we have more than 3 million Indian Rupees Business with all E-commerce Merchants per month. It means that

“Every Month 30 Lakhs+ Indian Rupees worth products are sold through us to online shoppers over all listed merchants. 10k+ Visitors per day . 1 lakh+ Subscribers for Notification. 1.2 Crore PageViews Lifetime.”

6. Funding :

Yah!! The Initial Funding to this was from ourself which is as much less that no one will believe it . Just 500 Rs.. Now we have come a long way.

So will be looking for VC Funding etc to grow more.

7. Challenges:

The Bigger challenge how to get shoppers to our portal before merchant site. So Affiliate & Coupon Company basically runs on SEO Factor. It means to be on top results in various search engines for some important keywords of any product.

The Challenge was to overcome so that we get some shoppers trust and build our future based on it. We succedded in this finally.

8. Future Plans:

Yah !! That will be great in announcing to come over with comparison cum deal hunting Portal.

9. Quote from Amit Singh(Founder & CEO):

Coupons & Discounts that’s the whole Ecommerce Industries rely on. So Here we are to help shoppers to get Benefits More than all.”
Like “Give your Desires a little more…”.

Founder Amit