Café Coffee Day v/s Pappu Chaiwala!

Café Coffee Day is the India’s best restaurant. Giving totally geared centers equipped with state of art facilities, CCD give all the luxurious service and facilities to the client. And at a similar time, they need their separate division inside taking care of completely different tasks like promoting etc. monitored by the management of the simplest background. They need come back up with numerous methods to take care of and additionally prepare their standing. Recently they need to be initiated ‘Cafe moments paid card’ to retain their previous customers. They’re making an attempt each attainable strategy to grow at a quicker rate.

Words spellbound like mantras each second during a little edge Chai Dukan, wherever Pappu, the owner of a look haven’t got enough time to consider increasing business nor will he will hear any management guy to try to that for him. He does not claim for providing the simplest service. He primarily sells hot tea, little snacks such, some tea biscuits and cigarettes. He cannot afford A.C to his customers. So there’s no legitimate place to park any customer’s vehicles. Even then he’s at the service of most customers.

What create him thus famous??

Very low value charged compared to Café Coffee Day, or the trust gained from years of service, quality, behavior…..

Who is that the real winner of this clash of titans??

No doubt, Café Coffee Day, is ready to earn a large profit, established order and far additional however customers are additional trustworthy to Pappu. Even with none disapproval, his name has become a complete or rather say ‘the brand’.

He told that your startup wants to generate money; attending conferences, winning awards, peaking at startup events, obtaining startup used to PR, having 2,73,000 and 2,13,000 twitter and Facebook followers, one million app downloads isn’t an indicator of success. This Pappu Chaiwala isn’t a startup, has not raised cash, however, and has 70th repeat customers and zero followers on Facebook. It most likely contains a higher survival rate too as a result of the business homeowners are centered on sales instead of presenting ahead of a bored audience in startup capitals!

And all these all over with it’s not concerning glamor, it’s concerning work! If you’re all dependent on what you’re doing, then you’ll not need any rest for work! Concentrate a lot of on creating your product higher as it’s all in your hand and does not think about different things as most of them don’t seem to be in your hand, you cannot do something if it goes with you or against you

He gave me a good example, he did a comparison between the Pappu chaiwallah’s ugly tent and café occasional day’s enticing stores, oh I ought to have same Café Coffee Day,, and its sounds cool to some guys!

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