Samajwadi Free Smartphone Scheme : Free 4G Mobile From Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party Has Promised Everyone To Giving Free 4G Smartphones When Samajwadi Party Wins Next Uttar Pradesh Election. In Last Uttar Pradesh Election They Distributed 18 Lakhs Or More Laptops To 12th Pass Students, This Time, They Will Providing Free 4G Mobile Phones To Every Person On Registration Basis. To Get This 4G Smartphone You Have To Register On His Official Site. After Successful Registration, You Will Get Your 4G Smartphone When Akhilesh Yadav‘s Samajwadi Party Won The Election.

We Think This Is A Trap To Gain Votes For Samajwadi Party In Upcoming Election So We Request You to Don’t Waste Your Votes For These Schemes.


Samajwadi Free 4G Smartphone Registration Details

Samajwadi Party Will Start Registration Process For 4G Smartphone From Next Month And You Will Buy Samajwadi Free 4G Smartphone On Next Year When They Won Their Election.


Samajwadi Free 4G Smartphones – Akhilesh Yadav Scheme Terms

  • To Apply For Free Smartphone, Your Family Income Must Be Less Than 2 Lakhs
  • Only Register Users Will Get Free Samajwadi Smartphone
  • Your Age Must Be Over 18
  • You Must Be An Aborigines Of Uttar Pradesh



Registration Process For Samajwadi Free Smartphone

  1. Visit On Samajwadi Free Smartphone Registration Page
  2. Fill Your Name, Birthdate, Father Name, Mobile Number Etc.
  3. After Filling All Details Click On Submit Button
  4. That’s It….. You Have Registered For 4G Smartphone



Story Behind

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1. The Business :

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2. Founding Members:

Two Brothers i.e. Singh Brothers started this out in 2014.

Amit Singh (Founder) : Computer Science Graduate from ITM Gorakhpur, UPTU University.Founded India Desire in 2014 just after completion of his graduation. Worked 1.5 years in MNC as Software Engineer. He is fond of coding,debugging programs & Internet World. The hobbies of him are internet surfing, Listening music etc.

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3.Inspiration Moment:

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9. Quote from Amit Singh(Founder & CEO):

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Founder Amit