How do creative people brings new ideas?

Adam Grant author of two bestselling books and a psychiatrist by profession had recently expressed his thoughts on habits of original thinkers. He talks about the three surprising habits of ‘originals’. According to him originals are people who are not confirmed of their thoughts and have new ideas for which they take steps to complete them. Originals are people who believe in changing the world.

Following are the habits recognized in ‘Originals’:

‘Originals’ are always late in the party

According to reports, ‘procrastinators’, people who complete their work before deadline are considered to be less creative than people who delay it mostly. There are people who wait until the last minute and are busy thinking about random stuff that they hardly have any time for new ideas. While on the other side people who generally rush into the problem also lack original ideas. So ‘Originals’ are combined of these two extremes. When you are assigned a task don’t do it in a hurry rather delay it a bit, think about it in the background of your mind. By doing this you look at the task from different angles and when you see it with all the angles, proceed with the best one.

‘Originals’ feel confused and fearful

There comes situations in your life that you never planned for but this is how you learn to handle problems. Mostly people blame themselves for their failure. Doubting your ideas and thinking on them is good but because slowly and gradually it makes you creative and perfect. But doubting your own self is bad and makes you unproductive.

‘Originals’ being human have fears also. But one missing fear they don’t have is, fear of trying. Even after having Internet Explorer and Safari people switch to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is because even after having defaults, people challenge them and switch to others as they look for options. You must not stop trying.

‘Originals’ have lots of bad ideas

There’s a simple maths. When you start increasing your number of attempts the possibility of your success increases automatically. You might be loaded with tons of ideas out of which some are good and some are bad. There will be a confusing situation in your mind that whether you should go for it or not, whether it will be successful or not. Don’t think, go for it because it is going to be more worse if you don’t do it.

Many of you may have these habits and even more but all you need to do is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. No one ever asked Sachin Tendulkar for his Class XII marks. All you need to do is believe in yourself and don’t let the world doubt on your abilities.


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