Most in-demand IT skill sets in India

In India Information Technology Sector is considered to be the largest employer in private sector having almost 10 million employees all over India. Youth4work the biggest platform for talent assessment has revealed its search for top most five skill sets in Indian IT sector. is the highest demanded skill set in IT sector followed by PHP, Advanced Java, SQL Server and JavaScript.

The survey has revealed that all the sectors are dominated by service sector and service sector contributes almost 54.4 percent to the GDP. Web development jobs are also in high demand and are driven by the need of desktop-like operations in order to support 2.0 Web applications.

Youth4work will be the future platform for people that will offer ‘pre-evaluated’ talent society for various organizations to engage and contact.

Youth4work founded by Rachit Jain is a platform where people can show their talents and skills, after this they are tested and given scores among thousands of others. These pre-evaluated profiles will be presented to companies afterwards in order to help them engage and communicate of their brand or to help them hire employees quickly and efficiently. This platform will also help organizations to engage with people according to their need of specific skill sets. This platform has a technology that will help colleges to evaluate student’s performance multiple times in a year and compare with other students also.

Youth4work also raised $500,000 bridge capital in the year 2014 from investors that include Dan Sandhu, Aurum Equity Partners LLP, Sanjay Bansal and Gap investments. The CEO and Founder of Youth4work said,

“With the introduction of campaigns like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, the government has revealed that in the development of India IT sector will play the most important role. ‘Make in India’ campaign is already giving enthusiasm to all the aspiring entrepreneurs and startups driven by technology. “

The research also disclosed SEO optimization, web development and innovative apps are the latest trends in market that are offering hob opportunities to a large number of youth inspiring to be employed. The talent possessed and required graph of demand-supply highlights the demand for PHP talent is the highest being 1.29 percent of total jobs while Advance Java jobs demand is lowest among all being 0.4 percent. Since PHP developers get free licensing the demand for their talents has become incredible.

Among all the in-demand job roles SQL server is the highest paying job, be it for a fresher or experienced professionals. While Advance Java jobs offer lowest salary as compared to all other job roles.

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