Designer Mom’s called mompreneurs

The Story behind three Designer Mom’s to mompreneurs

Taking time out of their busy schedule to help make the interior of your home, vacation home or office into a place where one can work, relax and enjoy is the aim of these three mompreneurs(designer mom). Ami Mehta, Shefali Surve and Purvi Shah, came up with the idea of a design studio to help transform your home into a place where you can feel comfortable. These full-time mothers, came up with the idea of Onyx Design Studios, over a cup of coffee, when they realised that the key to a good and happy home is the interior design.

They provide interior design services for discerning, quality conscious clients, overlooking their project from conceptualization through to implementation based on their client’s tastes and budget. Onyx Design Studio started out small in 2013, and has eventually grown to become one of the largest interior design firms in Mumbai. They now have a team of two creative space designers, three site executers and a large team of contractors.

Ami is a mother and an interior designer by profession and Purvi is a mother of two and has decades of experience working in interior design firms. Ami has also worked in many NGOs and Social Projects like “Spreading Smile”. Their combined experience is what helped Onyx Design Studio grow in to the company it is today. Today, they not only provide interior design solutions, but also help you build your kitchen, take care of your lighting and spacing and make patterns and effects to help light up your home. They also help you pick out your furniture and accessories for your home to best fit your style and budget.

Onyx has reported a total revenue of Rs. 85 Lakh. The way these moms have, against all odds, made this company possible and grown it from base up is very inspirational. They are the perfect role model for other moms who wish to start something new. The next step for Onyx is to have their own studio where they can display projects that they have made and create designs that their customers can choose from.Some images of onyx projects are as follows:

designer mom


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