Important guidelines for JEE Main 2017 exam day

JEE mains exam is one of the most competitive exams written by aspirants of engineering as it provided admissions to seats in top engineering colleges across the country like IITs, NITs and IIITs.  Aspirants have to be well prepared on the exam day to ensure that they would be able to score well.  Here we would be discussing about some important guidelines which candidates are advised to follow so that they could produce their best efforts to achieve maximum score.

Be there on time:  Aspirants should make sure that they are able to reach the exam venue on time and not delay the proceeding as it would add to additional stress. They would have to complete the formalities of exam once they arrive at the exam centre. Aspirants should be aware that the desk of registration will be closed five minutes prior to the exam.

Take care of the Admit Card:  Aspirants should be mindful of the fact that admit card is key to gain entry  to the exam centre as supervising officer would ask the candidate it to show it to him/her.  Without the JEE Main 2107 admit card, the officer would reject the candidate from entering the exam hall.

Copy of Pwd certificate:  Aspirants who wish to use a scribe during the exam and had requested for one while filling the application form would have to get the certificate copy of Pwd attested by a gazette officer.

Do not carry forbidden materials: As the exam has national importance, aspirants would be forbidden from using materials like mobile phones, printed materials , log tables, electronic watches with calculator and so on else they would be barred from entering the exam hall as these things were mentioned to them while filling the application form for the exam.

Be careful while filling answer sheets:  During the course of the exam, aspirants would have to mark their answers in an ORS sheet. Aspirants should be wary of the fact that there would be no room for error while filling the answer sheets.

Attempt the easiest subject first:   While attempting the test, aspirants should attempt the easiest sections of subject they are most comfortable with followed by the next one till they get enough time to attempt the toughest subject like Math which they find difficult to deal with. Applying this strategy has one added advantage that aspirants would be able to save a lot of time to use it to tackle the toughest section.

The points discussed above would have given you more than enough ideas to breeze past all questions that would enable to come out of the test with flying colors.

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