Store King – Local e-commerce Company in South India

The added e-commerce big a human is target for his holl command has raised $16 million in funding from Axiata Digital, a subsidiary of Axiata cluster Berhad. This can be Axiata’s 1st investment in Indian markets. Parented by Local Cube Commerce Pvt Ltd, Store King, started in 2012, has currently dilated to over one, 200 towns.

The company gets in-tuned with any place of business – be it a mobile store or a Kirana – within the village, and convinces them to shop for and install a StoreKing pill or a closet within the store. The pill contains the app that’s loaded with over 80,000 merchandise that the merchandise helps the client browse through, choose a product and procure it. Once the order is confirmed, the client pays the merchandise in whole associate degree receives an SMS (in vernacular) from StoreKing. It solely prices the merchandise to a small degree but Rs 10,000, to put in the device at his store, and he conjointly receives 6-10 % commission on sales created.

The Eureka moment Store King

“Store is provide to facility and good of people they individuals come back to him to shop for the items they need to and are willing to pay fully for the merchandise,” Sridhar Gundaiah, Founder and CEO of Store, had talked to Your all lifestyle in an interview. “The sole of problems we want from the client to spot them could be a number. We have a tendency to send all delivery communications to his mobile subsequently,” he had said. In turn, StoreKing, with its warehouse in Bengaluru, delivers all things at intervals 48 hours and uses the FMCG channel to deliver it product.

How it works?

From the start, our goal was to assist thousands of very little businesses in rural Asian country deliver the product a brighter future, by sanctioning   them to use technology. We’ve got an inclination to hope to make the most of Axiata’s experience in intensive geography-based services which we tend to couldn’t impart them enough for finance at intervals the setup of Store King, same Sridhar, of his partnership with Axiata.

What does rural buy and empower of India

“The generating capabilities and searching also people wants innovation the new store and utilitarian products to any something about different and creative idea for south Indian state and it will facilitate our regulator a spanking new shopper base. They even have existing offer capabilities, that we tend to are aiming and products delivery facility provide,” Kishore Thota, Head of the patron promoting, Amazon Bharat was the reportable location in associate degree passing Live mint content of the area to much and more.

Store King has created a platform they rectify the normal of fundamental constraints in our markets with last-mile provider and payments, whereas building trust amongst mass-market customers. It’s polar in transfer the rest of our customers into the digital sphere,”


Do’s and Don’ts for launching your E-Commerce site

This is the era of internet, where everything happens on the internet. Peoples are busy on the internet and with the latest technologies. Now a days trend of E-Commerce websites are going viral. Everything that we use to buy from local shops is available online from household products to clothing and even bigger electronics items and heavy wooden products like sofa set, beds etc. You can buy anything from these websites.

Are you planning for launching your own E-Commerce website? You want to take your business online? Traditional way of business is losing its identity due to this fast moving world. If you are looking for join hands with the changing technology then you must follow the proper structure of online business. Creating your own website on any platform is not an easy job for any starter, it requires diligence, patience, vigilance and willingness to learn and do something new. In this article we will try to explain Do’s and Don’ts when you start your own e-commerce business site.

Here we go with the important Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind while launching your E-Commerce  website:

Firstly we will discuss Do’s for taking your business online

  • Do have a proper business idea:

So whenever you plan to launch your e-commerce website always make a proper business plan first. If you don’t do so, then the things may go wrong and you will not get the results that you are expecting. To make your dream come true make sure you work hard with dedication and put your 100% effort to make it successful. Make sure that you keep a deep eye on the product by showing samples, check for latest trends and ongoing demands and do a proper survey of the products.

  • Do lend your ears to the customer:

Always listen what your customer says as we know that “Customer’s voice is the voice of god“. When you take your business online you will find different kind of audience, so different peoples have different opinions. It’s become very important to reply back to your customer quickly and then analyze their feedback, this will surely enhance your business. Above all, this response builds trust, comfort, and loyalty.

  • Do plan a solid platform prior to launch:

Make a list of the things to do before you are all set to launch your E-commerce website. Because once you launch your website then it become difficult to change the things in detail. Check all the technical issues, web-hosting, usability, product analysis, target audience etc.

  • Do put an effort to build a good site:

These days every 2nd or 3rd person is involved in online business so if you want to stand out of the crowd, then firstly think of something innovative and bring some new idea. Put in all your efforts to make it successful. Always try to make a good and content rich website that attracts your customers.

  • Do keep an eye to managing the e- mail list:
When you are all done with your website management then  manage your emails. This will help you to bring traffic on your website. Always respond to the emails that you get in a day, it is the most important part.

Lets discuss  some Don’ts for for launching an E-commerce website:

  • Don’t quit too quick:

Whenever something is launched online it takes time get positive response from the audience, so always keep a note of one thing, don’t get frustrated if you don’t get expected results in the beginning. This doesn’t mean sit quietly and have looked at your website no, not at all, you have to put your efforts and hard work to make your website run successful.

  • Don’t have a misconception that people will recognize your site:

It should be clear to you that you can’t become a millionaire in a day. No one is going to recognize your website in one day. You have to put your efforts and invest a good time in doing  promotions of your website. You should work with a PR company who can help you in marketing your website to bring traffic to your website then you will have reputation on the internet.

  • Don’t depend on the inaccurate statistic:

As we know most of the business are season same in the case of E-Commerce. It is also seasonal and slow. So always keep the appropriate unit to calculate the success. Making a wrong assumption is not a healthy habit for a business.

  • Don’t experiment:

Don’t keep in mind that you can sell anything on your website. E.g. if you are expert in selling cloths, then only focus on it much, then making your own raw material. Use the best available technology than wasting your precious time in building your own.

  • Don’t get into everything solely, as it wastes time:

If you want to win the hearts of peoples, then it is necessary that you fulfill your commitments in the given period of time and only have a focus on serving quality products.
I hope these Do’s and Don’ts will help every E-commerce starter and even who already have their business online. Please follow our blog and share this article in your circle and on social media