Youngest attendee of Apple WWDC

A nine-year-old girl Anvitha Vijay from India has attained a patent of the youngest application developer at an annual developer conference of Apple with her children-friendly apps. She now wishes to meet tech giant CEO Tim Cook.

As reported by Fortune, belonging from Australia she has built many apps for iPad and iPhone and is one of the youngest to attend WWDC 2016 in San Francisco. She learned programming for more than a year by watching tutorials of coding on the web including YouTube and learned how to do programming.

“Coding was challenging for me. But I’m glad that I got stuck with it” she said.

Anvitha is developing applications on empowering children and hopes to meet Tim Cook in the Apple conference.

She also says:

“It has been my dream to attend WWDC and meet Tim Cook.”

Apple gives scholarship in which people all over the world, who are creating applications for Apple devices are given free tickets to attend WWDC, Anvitha is one among those.

The total recipients are 350 among which 120 are students of fewer than 18 ages, also the number of women applying for the scholarship has tripled in present year as compared to last year. It is also found that 22 percent of women won the scholarship which is also more than last year statistics.

Reports say that Anvitha’s developed applications show that they are influenced by her infant sister who is learning how to talk and identifying animals.

She introduced her Smartkins’s Animals app which teaches 100 different animal sounds with names by using sounds and flashcards.

After this she introduced her next interactive app to help children learn colors and currently she is working on her next application which will help children of her age to set up goals.

“Getting an idea and turning it into an app involves lots of hard work. Building an app involves many components like designing, prototyping, wire framing, user interface designing and then coding and testing” she said.

Like other tech conferences WWDC too is over powered by Asian and white males, but now company is focusing more on making countless efforts to transform the presence of people at the annual event. Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s Vice President Scott Lilly who manages programmes told that Apple asked his company for providing scholarships to WWDC last year.

He also added “I think Apple is making sure that transforming is represented.

Under WWDC scholarship programme in current year, Lilly will be sending three African American men and two female college students to WWDC.

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